Training Programme
Training Valediction Training in Dairying, improved Animal Husbandry practices & Fodder Production is one of the major activities of SLBTC. A wide range of trainees attend training, including farmers, farm women, unemployed youths, students of various educational institutions, members of women & social organisations and undergraduate students of different Veterinary Colleges. Hostel facility is available for trainees during their stay at the Centre.

Farmers Training
Training to farmers is held every month for a period of 6 days, starting on Monday through Saturday. This training is mainly focused on dairying, improved animal husbandry practices and fodder production about which trainees gain adequate knowledge during the course of training. A training completion certificate is awarded to all trainees who successfully complete the 6-day training programme.

Internship Training
Undergraduate students of various Veterinary Colleges across the country undergo compulsory Intership Training Programme at the Centre. With a strong theoritical knowledge gained in College, students get a first-hand practical exposure to various farm activities, animal management practices, semen collection & processing including freezing, preservation & handling of frozen semen, record keeping, communication skills and human resource management.

Refreshment Training
Refreshment Training is held for Officers of various Government Institutions in collaboration with Karnataka Veterinary Council through Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services.

Members of various social organisations, women co-operative societies, students from different schools & colleges, farmers of different states visit SLBTC regularly with prior permission to get themselves acquainted with dairying, improved animal husbandry practices and fodder prodiction.