Fodder Production
Fodder Production Plot Out of 402.25 hectares (994 acres) of total geographical area, 48.96 hectares (121 acres) of land is utilised for fodder production. Adequate fodder is produced under irrigation, which makes sufficient supply of green fodder available throughout the year to all the animals at the Centre. Excess fodder is converted to hay and stored for use of farm animals as well as to meet the demands during scarcity. Hay is also supplied to other Government Institutions for use on request.

The different varieties of fodder crops grown are African Tall Maize, Rhodes, Green Panic, CO-3, Guinea Grass, Napier, Lucern, Cowpea and also Silvipasture. Acacia plantation is maintained in remaining land of the farm.

Demonstration plots consisting of various fodder varieties are maintained for the benefit of trainees to know about varieties of fodder crops and their cultivation.

Improved variety fodder seeds supplied by Government of India are supplied to the Deputy Directors of the various Districts for further distribution to the farmers.

Root slips grown at this Centre are also supplied to the farmers at subsidised rates under fodder development programme.

The non-irrigated land which is not cultivated is used for grazing dairy herd maintained at the Centre as well as to grow the fodder crops during rainy season.