Frequently Asked Questions
Counselling about Dairying Q. What is training at SLBTC all about?
Farmers will be given training in Dairying and Fodder Production with practical exposure.

Q. Which is the medium of instruction?
Medium of instruction during this training program is Kannada only.

Q. Who can attend Training?
A farmer, farmer's son or daughter, women, unemployed youths who are interested in Dairy Farming or Self Employment can attend the training.

Q. Is there any Training Fee to be paid?
NO. Training is free; but transportation, boarding and lodging charges should be borne by the trainee himself.

Q. Do I get a Certificate after completing Training?
Yes, farmers will be given Certificate following successful completion of training for which the trainee should being two passport size photographs.

Q. Does the Certificate help in getting Loan from Banks?
Yes, it will be useful for getting financial assistance from Nationalised Banks or Co-operative Societies for establishing dairy.

Q. Is hostel facility available for trainees?
Yes, hostel facility is available at the campus.

Q. Is there any free boarding and lodging facility for trainees?
Trainee has to pay Rs.5/- per day for accomodation and if they provide groceries a cook will be made available for cooking.

Q. When does the next Training batch starts?
Subsequent dates will be provided on our website.

Q. What are the topics covered in Farmers Training?
All aspects involved in Dairying and Fodder Production will be covered with practical exposure.

Q. Does it require Registration in advance to undergo training?
Trainees can directly register their names on the day of commencement of training with two passport size photographs.

Q. Will you train farmers in Artificial Insemination?
No, farmers will not be trained in Artificial Insemination techniques.

Q. Do you permit other Institutions to visit the farm?
With prior permission they can visit the farm subject to applicable biosecurity measures at the time of visit.

Q. Can I purchase animals from SLBTC?
No, as the female herd is meant for breeding including production of male calves for frozen semen production at the centre.

Q. Can I purchase fodder seeds & rootslips from SLBTC?
Yes, farmers can get rootslips of different fodder varieties by paying Rs.100/- for 1000 rootslips.